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Demonstrations and Mini-Workshops

Hear it.  See it.  Do it!

In addition to working on my own projects, I like sharing my knowledge through the different demos and workshops that I offer. I enjoy exposing people to new ideas and helping  them add to their creative bag of tricks.  I strive to offer value to the experienced turner as well as  the beginner.

Demos are much more successful when people get actively involved.  For that reason I craft my demos, when possible, as mini-workshops that fit in a 2 hour demo time frame.  Typically, just a few people volunteer for the hands-on experience, but  soon most of the audience is engaged watching what's happening in this multi ring circus involving their comrades.  The result is more interest, more questions, more involvement, and more learning.

Demonstrations and workshops can be tailored to your special interests.

Go With the Flow

Cost:  $50 + Expenses

     This is not just a demo but a mini-workshop with hands on practice for up to 9 of the people in attendance.  It not only shows how to use pour paint techniques, but helps them overcome the annoying and often frustrating experiences associated with the front end of the  learning curve.  Included are an introduction to materials and alternatives, explanation of methods and challenges, samples to illustrate results, a live demonstration and hands-on experience.
     The process known as a "dirty pour" is thoroughly introduced and used as a spring board for further exploration.  Because each piece is the unique result of many factors, the hands-on participants broaden the experience for everyone.
     Additional hands-on participants may be accommodated with prior coordination.

Where's My Wood?

Cost:  $50 + Expenses

     This demonstration illustrates a process for producing a "flattened" or somewhat oval form from a lathe turned round one to add an element of the unique to an otherwise common form.  The method is appropriate for both closed and open forms.

     Aesthetics of form design are presented along with blank selection to allow for affects of grain, and wood movement.  Dimensional constraints and precision requirements to achieve desired results are also included.
Two approaches are addressed; one using a single piece of wood and a second involving a glue up of separate pieces.  

     Specific suggestions for safety are included including respect for the kill zone, use of a face shield, examination of blanks for cracks, and inspection of glue joints for integrity throughout the shaping process.
Tool selection and use are addressed as a part of the on lathe activities.

Plates and Platters - A Look Behind The Scenes

Cost:  $50 + Expenses

     This demonstration creates a simple plate from start to finish from wood selection and evaluating figure to sanding including blank preparation, mounting options, rough turning, and finish turning.


Emphasis is placed on designing a pleasing form that suits the intended function as well as techniques, alternatives, and choices along the way that can make a positive difference.  How features, divisions, and transitions are incorporated can be quite important.


     Specific suggestions for safety are included including respect for the kill zone, use of a face shield, and examination for integrity of the blank throughout the shaping process.


     Tool selection and use are addressed as a part of the on lathe activities.

Coming Soon

Cost:  $50 + Expenses

Carving with Fire - Embellishing with Wood  Burning 

Roughing It - Texturing with Rotary Tools

Spinning Scraps Into Green

Want to see something special?  I can offer something for many themes.

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