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Interactive Remote Demos

Hear it.  See it.  Do it!


Covid-19 has changed the way we think about woodturning demos.


Besides complicating delivery, it has forced many clubs to rethink the whole process, including how to keep membership engaged.  Many clubs can't afford  available demos on their own, and partnering with others can get complicated.

I have invested n the technology necessary to provide you with the best seat in the house!  but my demos start at only $100, not as a replacement for demos from other world class professional turners, but as an affordable opportunity to offer a more robust program for their members in these challenging times.

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Here are a some clips from a demo to give you an idea of what you may expect. 

Something for Everyone!

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General Information

--- Turning Basics ---

Log to Bowl  (Overview)


--- Skill Building Series ---


While the demos in this series focus on activities to build skills they also produce fun and useful works.

Warm it Up! (Overview)

It's a Small World!  (Overview)

--- General Turning ---

Have a Ball!  Turn a Sphere.  (Overview) (Handout)  

Platter Chatter - Getting from Ho Hum to Oh Wow!  (Overview) (Handout)

Bowls, Bowls, Bowls!

Turning Scraps into Green

--- Ovaloid Series ---

This series encompasses each of the processes I use to create my Ovaloid pieces.

Where's my Wood?  The Lost Wood Process.  (Overview) (Handout)

What a Relief! - Shaping with Rotary Carving  (Overview)

Carving with Fire - Texturing with Wood  Burning  (Overview)

Roughing It - Texturing with Rotary Tools  (Overview)

Want to see something special? 

  I've been turning a long time and have made most of the mistakes that can be made.  I enjoy helping others avoid them.  Let's see what I might do for your group.

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